Venture Acceleration

Venture acceleration helps start-ups accelerate the process of defining a proven business model on a set methodology for sustained profitability. Azione’s methodology combines industry best practices with start-up development priorities that help them achieve market relevance, product leadership, and profitable business growth earlier in their investment cycle.

We help identify concrete innovation areas for start-ups through a market-oriented process:

  • Innovation check: Start-ups are assessed on their innovation capacity and needs
  • Support matching: On the basis of the identified needs, actors from the market (successful entrepreneurs) and research domains (researchers, professors) will be involved to present solutions, opportunities, and best practices
  • Actionable roadmap: Clear objectives, work plans, and resource allocations will be created

Azione supports a multi-faceted approach that includes coaching and expert technical assistance, hence speeding the development of entrepreneurs by helping them acquire and apply the knowledge they need to grow their companies.

Clients typically engage our services in two ways. Some engage our resources for short-term projects to accelerate specific high-priority product or market development initiatives. Others tap the full spectrum of our expertise as a strategic extension of their executive teams over much longer periods of time in order to maximise their business capacity and exit potential with extreme capital efficiency.

For organisations looking to commence a Venture Acceleration programme, Azione offers a proven framework combining the following elements:


Through an intense and regular regimen of collaboration, work-plan development, and formal management oversight, venture acceleration supports entrepreneurs through the venture growth cycle while utilising the support of mentors, EIRs, and so on to assist entrepreneurs in overcoming tactical and strategic challenges.


Venture acceleration offers strategic and operational guidance. Every start-up is assigned an experienced and capable coach to support their development. The coach meets with them on a monthly basis to monitor and support their progress.


Entrepreneurs are held accountable through weekly status reviews and a series of quarterly performance updates which encourages them to aspire to a rhythm of setting objectives and reporting results on a regular basis. The objective is to get the right things done efficiently and effectively.