Startup Mentoring

Mentors understand how difficult it can be to run a business, and how lonely entrepreneurs can sometimes feel. They can help entrepreneurs look at the big picture, identifying strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats. They can also offer helpful advice, caution against potential pitfalls, and build the confidence of entrepreneurs in their own abilities. A right mentor can help boost profitability and productivity, enter new markets, launch new products, and improve customer service.

Azione engages the valuable assistance of veteran executives and entrepreneurs of strong professional reputation, qualification, and experience in their respective industries. Most of our mentors have started and grown successful global companies across knowledge-based industries, raising significant funds from Angel, Private Placement, and Venture Capital Investors. They have additional expertise in other domains like partnership development, mergers and acquisitions, and initial public offerings.

Mentorship may be general or specific depending on the needs and requirements. Azione’s mentors are pre-qualified and are assigned to work with entrepreneurs based on an appropriate match of skills and fit between the mentor and the management team. They provide strategic advice to companies with a defined business problem on a case-by-case basis. Taking advantage of our vast networks, we can locate mentors with specialised skills.

A mentor can provide a number of benefits, such as:

  • Guidance on developing and improving a business
  • Help with difficult decisions
  • Ideas for new products or services, or ways of working
  • Business tips that are gained from practical experience
  • Access to a network of contacts with other people

A business mentor can also help entrepreneurs to:

  • Develop key business skills
  • Improve problem solving abilities
  • Build confidence
  • Work on personal development

For organisations looking to commence a mentoring programme, Azione offers a proven framework combining the following elements:


Start-ups have access to a wide range of proven entrepreneurs and technical specialists with industry backgrounds and specific expertise dealing with the varied issues confronting start-up companies. These mentoring areas include product development, market development, and business development.


A mentor takes every start-up through a well-defined process, reviews their individual needs, and matches them with appropriate support and expertise. Regular support and coaching and ongoing reviews ensure progress is continually maintained.


The programme provides start-ups with critical connections, supportive networks, and collaboration opportunities. These include access to potential investors, partners, sales channels, and employees.


Start-ups have access to regular business clinics where professional partners provide guidance in HR, finance, and legal. They also attend workshops, seminars, and other educational programmes that provide knowledge, facilitate learning, and share information to enhance their entrepreneurial skills.