Product Development

Asia is a challenging region for start-ups to drive success. To ensure progress in the different markets, start-ups have to develop the correct products for selected industry verticals.

This success largely depends on a start-up’s ability to get better and more profitable ideas into its development pipeline. We help start-ups identify the areas that are ripe for commercialisation, and mine those areas for products. We then support them in rapid prototyping and product development to quickly build those ideas into profitable product lines.

Azione has extensive experience across the full range of topics facing companies that want to become more resourceful or increase the impact of their product development activities. We work closely with start-ups with one goal in mind – to increase the returns on their investments in innovation.

We help start-ups to build a strong pipeline of profitable innovation through:

R&D Functions

Azione supports start-ups in improving and sustaining the productivity of their R&D functions. Our mentors help them build the types of repeatable, error-free, and scalable processes that are necessary for incremental and breakthrough innovation and productisation.

To create an environment that promotes innovation, our mentors help start-ups motivate talent by arming them with the skill-sets to be successful. They help start-ups design an organisational structure to execute their specific R&D and commercialisation strategies.

Product Approach

Azione’s services cover the full spectrum of the product life cycle, from IP discovery and prototype creation to the design and development of market-ready products.

Our mentors assess competitive products and adjacent market solutions to identify the market gaps start-ups can exploit. They then help enrich the product with elements that create lasting asset value and drive premium market valuation, patentable IP, and so on.

Product Development

Azione helps create great products where product strategy and product design goes beyond defining essential end user features and capabilities. Our mentors excel at helping to conceptualise products that create tremendous asset value for start-ups.

Each market strategy they help devise and every killer product they help imagine is filtered through their unique experience and methodologies for creating the most intuitive, functional user interfaces. Our mentors help design cohesive systems that will set your company apart and create advantages for user acquisition and retention.