Market Development

To successfully implement a market development strategy, Azione’s mentors help start-ups to deploy and exploit resources and capabilities to create sustainable value and gain competitive advantage.

Our mentors work with start-ups on the following areas:

Sales & Alliances

The typical start-up relies on the founding team to do the initial selling. It is crucial to access proven sales expertise to help define the correct methodology in order to successfully scale the sales function and drive revenues. Effective execution can mean the difference between market leadership versus laggard status, and impacts time to cash break-even, dilution to the founders, and valuation at the exit.

Alliances can also be critical, but also a potential waste of scarce managerial and capital resources if not judiciously selected and enabled. Having access to mentors with the appropriate relationships and a deep understanding can dramatically improve the likelihood of successful channel relationships.

Market Alignment

The typical start-up is focused on execution, with marketing strategy receiving less attention than what is considered best practice. Although start-ups might have marketing skills in house, they often lack a set of rigorous and proven processes for managing marketing direction and achieving product release objectives on a timely and cost-effective basis.

Our mentors help entrepreneurs deploy best practices and see the big picture, by analysing adjacent market sectors and flows of capital, identifying future competitors and partners, pinpointing potential acquirers and drivers of strategic valuation, and aligning them to valuable market opportunities.

Integrated Communications

At Azione, we believe a company’s brand is the overall end user experience communicated by the sum of its parts. In order to be successful, an integrated communications strategy must deliver compelling messages to the appropriate audiences through the right channels and at the right time. Our mentors create integrated brands that are deeply bound to a strategy for winning a given market.

That includes all visual brand elements and the products themselves, the user experience they create, the core messaging platform for the business, and the collateral that communicates it. Our mentors help start-ups combine these elements to deliver a powerful, consistent brand experience across all customer touch points and media channels, making the start-up relate like a much larger company.