Business Development

Besides building capable management and great business plans and strategy, start-ups require far more assistance and support to respond better and faster to ever changing markets. They have to choose the best actions in overall planning, team building, and business development.

Our mentors support start-ups in the following areas:

Business Strategy

Winning start-ups systematically out-position themselves by making better choices about where to compete and by following through with resource allocations. Start-ups renew and expand their growth horizons by creatively analysing the interaction of opportunities and unique combinations of assets and capabilities. Our mentors help them identify where to compete and support them as they design and execute strategies to capture these growth opportunities. Start-ups look beyond short-term goals and build meaningful partnerships that can form the basis for sustained advantage.

This approach combines insights on the factors crucial for successful globalisation with a detailed understanding of markets to help start-ups make choices about expanding abroad, understand and operate successfully in new markets, and expand their networks. Many start-ups also struggle with the technical aspects of business planning such as undertaking detailed market research, performing comprehensive competitive analysis and determining a market’s size and growth potential. Mentors help start-ups develop these inputs to formulate the best strategy and the correct execution tactics.

Corporate Development

Most start-ups do not think about long-term capital requirements, margin targets at scale, strategic partnerships, or exit strategies until they are larger and more mature. At Azione, we believe that by adopting this thinking as early as possible, start-ups become more disciplined, gain more traction out of their capital, and increase the likelihood of highly-valued growth rounds or M&A liquidity.

Our mentors help start-ups pay attention to the strength of their operations and their financial health and make early decisions that lead to market relevance and avoid decisions that can lock the doors to a successful exit or financing. Start-ups prepare their promotion activities and distribution channels in anticipation of their strategic business development efforts. With guidance, start-ups optimise their revenue models, attract the right capital partners, and generate corporate development interest in their respective markets.