Human Capital

Azione works to grow the number and success rate of entrepreneurs engaged in the process of starting or building their ventures. We have isolated the human elements that matter most– expertise that is typically unavailable to early-stage start-ups. We apply this expertise with dedication over a sustained period of time to drive businesses and redefine market opportunities.

Azione helps start-ups bridge human capital gaps by providing access to highly accomplished mentors and support facilities that generate and accelerate growth without the entrepreneurs struggling through a steep learning curve or making costly errors.

Our mentors are successful professionals in business and entrepreneurship, and they share our beliefs and principles of growing start-up companies. They are persons with a wealth of experience and are more than willing to share that with entrepreneurs. Although not in official roles, they are placed as an extension to entrepreneurial management teams or as members of start-up boards of directors.

The following are potential areas of assistance:

  • Business plan writing
  • Investor presentations
  • Marketing approaches/implementations
  • Staffing for growth
  • Budget and finance management
  • Resource planning
  • Management selection
  • Strategic partnering
  • Seeking additional financing/funding sources
  • Operations planning
  • Technology development planning
  • Board composition and management

Azione also works with organisations to design programmes based on the principles, techniques, and leadership tactics that make starting and growing businesses more strategic and practical.

Startup Mentoring

The Azione Startup Mentoring Programme provides mentoring support to develop business concepts, determine business viability, and outline the steps to a successful business launch.

Venture Acceleration

The Azione Venture Acceleration Programme provides the structured support and facilities to operate, finance, and grow existing and fast-growing ventures.

Entrepreneur Support

The Azione Entrepreneur in Residence Programme provides entrepreneurial support to evaluate businesses, explore next stage growth and opportunities, and shape them for future profitability and improved business performance.