Business Plan

In order to raise funds for an early-stage business, you will need to:

  • Prepare an executive summary, a business plan, and detailed financial projections
  • Determine the optimal structure and feasible terms for the proposed offering
  • Incorporate one or more appropriate legal entities
  • Prepare a private placement memorandum (PPM), an investor presentation, and a due diligence binder
  • Identify, contact, and present to accredited investors
  • Execute appropriate documents with those who decide to invest or lend

We start by helping you to develop your business plan. Entrepreneurs who are potentially interested in our services should begin with a detailed evaluation of where they stand, what specifically needs to be completed, and guidelines and samples (of financial models, business plans, presentations and/or PPMs) of how to carry out those remaining tasks.

Azione offers a variety of business plans tailored to the needs of the client’s business model:

Seeking up to US$1 million – For Angel Investment and Private Placement

A pre-seed/seed stage business plan serves the aspiring entrepreneur in two of the most critical early development stages – funding and managerial direction. This plan includes complete financial projections, potential cash-flow, break-even analysis, a marketing strategy, and a separate executive summary.

Seeking up to US$3 million – For Private Placement and Venture Capital

A Series A/B business plan serves the needs of business owners and entrepreneurs who aim to expand their businesses by increasing their market share. This plan includes a comprehensive marketing strategy, a thorough competitive analysis, and systematic financial projections that allow our client to strategically manoeuvre through numerous unforeseen obstacles.

The plan also helps to define concepts, target markets, and market potential, and provides financial clarity and capital requirements. An executive summary is included.

Seeking up to US$10 million –For Private Placement and Venture Capital

A Series B/C/D business plan serves the need of established companies seeking to raise additional capital to grow their businesses. This is the most comprehensive plan offered by Azione as all aspects of a fully developed and interactive plan are incorporated in this prospectus. The development of a PPM based on the executive summary, business plan, and financial projections is also recommended.