Financial Capital

The private market can be an efficient way for companies to raise capital. Azione fosters relationships with a wide range of lenders and investors, including domestic and commercial banks, insurance companies, high net worth individuals, finance companies, institutional investors and a number of specialised pools of capital who trust in the firm’s ability to identify promising business opportunities.

As a result, we can develop an attractive financing structure to complement individual or management objectives and developing opportunities. We take responsibility for designing appropriate capital facilities that coincide with each client’s goals and economic ability. Azione is involved in all stages of the financing process to ensure that proper steps are taken to successfully complete the transaction.

Our team specifically identifies lenders and/or investors, structures the capital facility, negotiates the terms and conditions of the financing, and coordinates the activities among the issuer, investor, legal counsel and other advisors. We want our clients to optimise their ability to succeed, and we welcome you to contact us and establish a relationship with us as we continue to assist emerging companies.

Investors generally come in one of three basic avenues: venture capital (VC) funds, Angel Investors, and Private Placement Investors. The type of investors who participate in a company’s financing can significantly impact not only the pre-money valuation used in determining the percentage of the company that is sold in the round, but also the interaction it will proffer to the company following the closing.

Angel Investors provide a relatively easy means – minimal amount of legal documentation and effort -of raising capital. Private placements enable companies to obtain significant amounts of capital. VC costs more and takes longer. Due to the high costs of administration and the need to be very selective to ensure a return on the fund, VC funds are more risk averse and thus make fewer small investments at the start-up and seed stages.