Azione is devoted to advancing entrepreneurship. We believe in playing our role as an enabler to help start-ups make the most of their opportunities. Entrepreneurship and being an entrepreneur require a very different mindset, while great opportunities themselves depend on ready finance and enterprising people to capitalise on.

At Azione, we partner with promising entrepreneurs at the early stages of growth on:

Raising Financial Capital

We help entrepreneurs to determine investment readiness, capitalisation strategies, and fund-raising processes. We then offer the expertise, experience, and tools to build funding strategies and provide feedback to entrepreneurs as they make progress. Importantly, we have developed relationships with financing partners and investors.

Developing Human Capital

We help entrepreneurs access highly qualified entrepreneurial expertise in an organised and consistent manner. Business mentors, entrepreneurs in residence, and venture acceleration collectively offer the support and guidance to help entrepreneurs take on challenging issues and enrich their entrepreneurial journeys with valuable insights.

Azione also partners with the following stakeholders:


With their ground-breaking inventions, researchers can very often attract investment dollars, create interesting business opportunities, and attract highly qualified team members. In addition, they can also serve as coaches for less experienced researchers within the entrepreneurial ventures they form. Researchers are typically technically well-equipped and may be excellent managers, and by working closely together with Azione, we can help establish their commercial skills and market awareness.


At Azione, inventions are not strictly valued for its technological newness, but also for its economic potential. Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) are always on the look-out for entrepreneurial human resources, while industrial partners might lack new technology but can provide the entrepreneurs. We aim to work with both TTOs and industrial partners to collaboratively strive for a market-led approach where potential commercial applications are the focus throughout the overall development process.