Limited Partners

Azione has a reputation of introducing high-quality and unique opportunities to institutional and private investors. We work to uphold this reputation, making it critical to represent only funds in which we believe. Azione uses a stringent fund selection process, similar to that of the most demanding investors, centred on comprehensive due diligence including background checks.

In addition, our team spends considerable time with the fund manager in order to understand the reasons a limited partner should consider its fund offering. We are aligned with limited partners to distinguish highly competent management teams from the rest.

We believe that venture capital and alternative assets offer investors the prospect of high potential rewards and, for certain investors, should be a key part of their asset allocation. However, with this return potential comes commensurate risk.

Azione hence strongly believes that products in this asset class should be offered only to the well-informed and sophisticated investors who can understand, accommodate, and manage the risks associated with these strategies. We have a responsibility to prospective investors, the limited partners to which we market, to understand their needs and capacity and to respect their investment process.

Azione works hard to present a clear understanding of the fund manager, its portfolio, and its investment strategy. Ultimately, we strive to ensure goal alignment between the GP clients and limited partners and to add value to limited partners by running an organised fundraising process.

With today’s regulatory environment, limited partners are performing substantially more due diligence. We work with investors to help complete all necessary steps in evaluating the opportunity and provide thorough and timely responses to information requests.

Beyond the completion of our fundraising assignments, Azione steadfastly maintains our valued relationships with our limited partners. We consider this commitment of paramount importance to the integrity of our business.