Investor Relations

Azione’s services extend beyond the closing of a fund. We advise our clients on all aspects of strategic communications with their existing or potential investor base. The goal is to build investor trust and loyalty to keep existing investors and to lay the groundwork for future fundraising efforts.

We understand what attracts investors to a fund management company and how to talk to investors on their own terms. The awareness we achieve and the relationships we build are a direct result of our comprehensive knowledge of the investor community and our extensive experience in the business. Azione is devoted to long-term, established relationships with investors for the benefit of our clients.

In today’s market environment, it is critical for fund management companies to disseminate complete, accurate, and understandable information in order to reinforce the credibility of management, develop meaningful relationships, and protect its reputation. To achieve this value and commitment from shareholders, Azione serves as a direct extension of your team and becomes closely aligned with your goals and strategies.

Azione can work with you:

  • To know how investors and gatekeepers or consultants view your company and develop an investor-facing strategy
  • To improve your business positioning in the market
  • To penetrate and arrange the participation of your senior client representatives at the most relevant industry conferences
  • To arrange speaking engagements and publication of articles in the most relevant institutional investor press
  • To lobby with key people from the industry
  • To develop an investor communication programme including investor telephone conferences, regular performance reports, newsletters, and face-to-face interaction of your senior staff with investors
  • To organise your annual meeting or special investor events
  • To communicate complex issues to your investor base
  • To prepare your company if you plan to raise a new fund