General Partners

We strongly believe that investor intelligence is invaluable. We not only market funds to limited partners, but also listen to, learn from, and engage with investors on a daily basis to ensure we are at the forefront of trends and issues.

Azione’s command of the alternative investment space through ongoing discussions with active institutional and individual investors provides critical insight on current allocations, the types of funds in demand, and fund terms.

This ensures a coordinated strategy that avoids errors in garnering capital commitments. We never lose sight of our primary objective of reaching fundraising targets in the shortest amount of time. Focusing on this goal enables our clients to exit the fundraising market as soon as possible and allows them to return to what they do best – invest.

Azione’s culture and style is highly collaborative and team-oriented, and our efforts are geared toward goal alignment among all parties involved. We prefer to participate early in each fund’s development, enabling us to contribute substantially to the structuring and pre-marketing phases that are essential to a successful offering.

During this process, we advise our GP clients to sharpen their marketing focus and convey the most accurate and attractive presentation of their firms and strategies to the institutional investor community. Our rich experience in the institutional markets allows us to position our team properly and create compelling marketing materials that optimise the marketing and fundraising process.

Azione then dives into a complex investment strategy with the necessary communications skills to synthesise and to share key insights with potential investors. Based on the portfolios and investment strategies of our clients’ funds, we invest the necessary time and resources to ascertain the correct structure and market positioning. Our objective is to help our clients establish long-term, multi-fund relationships with investors.