Fund Advisory

Prior to the fundraising phase, Azione offers consulting services to our clients. We assist in the preparation of marketing materials, construction of due diligence packages, and the delivery of presentations to prospective investors.

In providing these advisory services, we employ a coordinated and consultative, two-phase process:

Fund Analysis

Azione conducts a comprehensive review of the client’s portfolio and strategy in order to provide guidance on the development of key marketing and investor due diligence materials for a given fund product. Another area of assistance is advice on local regulations and tax laws relevant to the fund. These have impact on the structure, investment policies, and administrative procedures of the fund.

We also advise on the market conditions, including recommendations with respect to the minimum and maximum amounts of investor subscriptions to be raised. These conditions also affect the timing of fundraising, the target investors, and the particular strategies to adopt.

Specific tasks include:

  • In-depth fund performance analysis
  • Detailed due diligence review
  • Market convention advice
  • Comprehensive diligence package preparation
  • Fund structure, terms, and conditions advice

Fund Positioning

Azione works with clients to execute a broad-based marketing plan with advice on strategic fund positioning and management of the fundraising process. We consult on strategy and tactics for initiating discussions with prospective investors.

While customising the distribution strategy, we carefully select who is to be presented with the opportunity at each stage of the fundraising process. Early investors influence other categories of investors and, as such, we carefully strategise as to the best potential investors for a first close.

Specific tasks include:

  • Preparation of offering memoranda, other marketing materials, and limited partnership agreements
  • Key talking points identification and development
  • Global marketing strategy execution
  • Development of presentation, delivery assessment, and coaching
  • Investor follow-up strategy