Capital Raising

Fundraising can be a lengthy, expensive, and inefficient process. Our primary focus is to help clients achieve their fundraising goals in the most effective manner. For more established fund managers, we can augment internal marketing capabilities with emphasis on identifying potential new investor relationships. For clients who need the assistance, we can help manage the entire marketing effort from articulating a compelling story in the marketing materials to negotiating terms with investors.

Working with the fund manager, we focus on key issues of the offering, including the amount of capital to be raised and the financial terms and conditions. We establish the timing of marketing efforts and help develop marketing materials which are aligned with the status of prospective limited partners. We also provide advice on the necessary marketing and legal documentation, including the offering memorandum, executive summary, presentation book, and due diligence package.

To achieve near-term goals and position clients for long-term investor relationships, we play an active role in a customised and highly-coordinated two-phase process.

Fundraising / Closing

  • Distribute the PPM to appropriate capital sources
  • Schedule meetings and prepare for sales presentations
  • Coordinate critical advisory services and placement efforts by the sales force
  • Manage all aspects of road shows, including optimising travel logistics and meeting schedules
  • Provide follow-up information to investors and guide them through due diligence
  • Provide regular marketing updates to the fund manager
  • Evaluate proposals to determine suitability and assist the client in negotiating with investors to ensure a favourable structure
  • Deliver investor commitments and close each transaction


  • Maintain the visibility of the client and enhance brand recognition and reputation
  • Provide ongoing advisory services to best position the manager for the next fundraise
  • Build on the client’s relationships with investors and provide LP-related services