Private Placement

Businesses regularly require infusions of capital in order to break into the next plateau, penetrate new markets, or to sustain overall growth. While there is a multitude of financing sources, each has its own limitations, requirements, and benefits.

Dealing with commercial banks can be ideal for companies with a proven track record of profitability. However, growing businesses do not have this option as they may not meet the strict requirements of most lending institutions. Although less seasoned than their established contemporaries, these up-and-coming companies still possess merit and creditability, and fortunately, have practical financing options. Private placements are an attractive alternative for these companies for a variety of reasons.

At Azione, we look to bring passion and commitment to every private placement assignment. At the core of the firm lies a robust set of shared values underpinning the reputation of the Azione team as trusted advisors and partners who continually search for additional value in each investment in which the firm is involved. We believe excellence demands knowing more about our investing environment than the market and using that knowledge effectively to engage the global investor world in open and honest debate.

Azione has a reputation of introducing high-quality and unique opportunities to investors. We represent only investment opportunities in which we believe in following a stringent deal selection process. These opportunities are offered only to well-informed or sophisticated investors who can understand, accommodate, and manage the risks associated. We thus make it important to understand the needs and capacity of prospective investors and to respect their investment process.

Beyond these investments, Azione continually builds upon our trusted relationships with our investors to create successful and enduring investment partnerships. We trust, respect, and like the people with whom we choose to work, and we consider our broad network of investors to lie at the heart of our growth. Azione greatly values the close relationships and differentiated dialogue forged over the past few years with each individual.

Our marketing efforts embrace institutional investors, including:

  • Advisors, fund-of-funds, and consultants
  • Endowments and foundations
  • Public and corporate pension funds
  • Insurance companies
  • Strategic corporate investors
  • Carefully qualified family offices and high net worth individuals