Investment Process

Qualifying our Investors

Our prospective investors should meet certain standards. Each investor must have the ability to bear the economic risk of his or her investment and he or she should have sufficient financial experience to evaluate the merits and risks of his or her investment. Each investor must also confirm and represent that he or she is acquiring his or her interest for investment and not with a view toward distribution.

Following an indication of your interest to be an Angel Investor, our team will contact you for a telephone interview and/or a meeting to assess your investment requirements. Registration will be completed at this point with final documents sent to you for your signature prior to sending you any information on any investment opportunity.

Investment Opportunities

Investment opportunities are communicated to members on a regular basis. Direct Investor Mailshots are sent out intermittently at the right time for each proposition, and we will not submit a proposition to investors until it has reached the level of development and investment readiness required.

Azione spends significant time on the investment opportunities in order to understand the reasons an investor should consider them. We work hard to present to a clear understanding of the available deal, and strive to add value to investors by running an organised investment process.

Key factors to influence positive returns:

Take a portfolio approach: Spread your investments across a number of small businesses and in more than one sector. This diversifies your risks and increases the potential for achieving better returns.

Invest in what you know: Invest in sectors or areas of business where you have experience or prior knowledge, or invest alongside another Angel or group of Angels who are experienced in investing in this sector and who will also offer ongoing expertise and experience to the business.

Do due diligence: Carry out due diligence to make more informed investments. Due diligence should be done to satisfy yourself about investing in the business on all the main aspects of the business including the team, the market, the product, and legal and financial aspects. We work with investors to help complete all necessary steps in evaluating the opportunity.

Follow your investment: Keep in touch with the business by providing advice and support or business and marketing contacts. This could be done by yourself if you have time and the relevant skills and knowledge or by an appointed experienced lead Angel if you are part of a syndicate. Research has also shown that following the progress of your investee business pays off in terms of higher returns.