Staff & Operations

Azione ensures that incubator staff and operations are equipped to help emerging companies grow and succeed.

An incubator manager is called upon daily to be landlord, accountant, teacher, recruiter, psychologist, and public relations executive, and it is important that he or she brings diverse experiences to the job. Selecting an incubator manager who is committed to the programme and has the right mix of business savvy and connections is not easy, but the time and resources invested to find the most suitable person can pay off in the long run.

Azione also supports:

Staffing to Meet Client Needs

Incubators must hire an adequate number of staff to deliver business development services to clients. These individuals have a pivotal role in the incubator and must have the liberty to give companies the most attention. Any incubator that staffs itself too sparsely will necessarily pull attention away from company development in order to accomplish stakeholder management, fund-raising, and other tasks.

Azione works to ensure that a high percentage of an incubator’s payroll goes toward direct service to clients and other activities that bring in business assistance from the outside. Management time is given the greatest emphasis on proactive guidance that results in client success and wealth creation.

Overall Managerial Excellence

It is necessary to hire incubator staff which has entrepreneurial skills, understands starting a business, comprehends financial statements, and is accomplished at diversifying revenue streams. The staff must obtain the respect and support of client companies as well as the regional business community, and this means having the same skills that he or she proposes to teach others.

Incubator financial management involves a lot of careful monitoring of cash flow. Many problems can be avoided with detailed, disciplined, and no-assumptions-made projections and planning, both for the short term and the long term.