Research Institutes

Public agencies can be useful in creating research institutes with clear links to industry to strengthen their technology infrastructure and develop relevant technologies and products for industry.

Azione works with these agencies in the formation of in-campus and off-campus research institutes. The selection process will be advised upon taking into consideration the value these centres bring to technology entrepreneurs, researchers, and industry, and all centres will be accredited.


Universities do original research which creates breakthrough opportunities for businesses. However, universities and the academics within them are rarely entrepreneurial or have business interests. The ability to create low-friction methods for industry to find and create licensing deals with universities helps to nurture entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Azione partners universities to define and facilitate the use of intellectual property with industry and to gain appropriate access for their researchers.

We also aim to improve research in universities by:

  • Facilitating the procurement of expertise and capabilities in developing unique niche clusters within the universities by tapping onto their inherent/existing expertise in-house and building further on them.
  • Advise on the establishment and/or development of in-campus research institutes and integrated innovation villages to increase industry R&D projects and IP commercialisation.
  • Consult on the establishment and/or development of the university town concept as an initial case study for decentralised test-bedding capabilities.


To develop niche-specific high-value knowledge exports, we aim to improve industries by:

  • Matching industry players with research institutes to collaboratively develop research expertise on industry-relevant technologies. This creates new exploitable and exportable intellectual property (not limited to high technology).
  • Building greater integration synergies between industry players and research institutes by developing decentralised test-bedding capabilities for technology providers to deploy, test, incorporate, and further research with industry experts and researchers.
  • Advising on test-bedding through long-term infrastructural and ecosystem subsidy support.