Financial Capital

In the seed and early-stage financing market, funding gaps have often attracted the attention of public agencies. Angel investment and venture capital are typically considered as solutions to such gaps.

A healthy entrepreneurship ecosystem aims to make available capital to start-up companies that deserve it while denying it to those that do not. The access to this capital should be part of a natural process in which deal flow and capital continually evolve and adjust to each other. Enlightened and skilful leadership can play a critical role in encouraging the evolution of a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Areas in which public agencies have acted to develop the angel financing market include providing support to angel associations or federations as well as networks and groups to help defray operating expenses. Azione can work with these associations and networks to heighten awareness about angel investment, which is a vital step in building the market.

Importantly, training of angel investors helps to professionalise the landscape and attract new angel investors. It is an area that can be overlooked by public agencies, but investing in start-ups can differ from being a financial investor or building a company and requires a combination of both as well as technical skills. Azione supports training and mentoring in which new angel investors can learn from experienced ones.

Entrepreneurs also need significant operations support. Azione works to support VC development by increasing connectivity between venture capitalists and other early-stage investors, technology start-ups, and the community of technology advisors who nurture and support these budding entrepreneurs.

To ensure a viable and complete VC hub, a wide network of lawyers, accountants, and other business professionals who understand the challenges of the start-up community is essential. Azione helps to catalyse and grow these areas over time to serve start-ups and investors with specialised objectives.