Public Sector

In successful entrepreneurial economies, scientific progress is leveraged on government support to commercial R&D projects. Interest in R&D as an area of policy making reflects the perception that technological advances have been having a sustained impact on productivity growth.

Since R&D is driving innovation, economies see it as a major goal to partake in the processes, and therefore the interest in R&D policy is current and pragmatic. Azione partners closely with public agencies on making government intervention which is highly responsive to changing circumstances.

To maximise the exploitation of human potential and convert it into a competitive advantage, there is a pressing need to invest in industrial research and development. Such an investment has both direct and ancillary overall effects and becomes the engine of the economy.

Azione collaborates with government agencies to support industrial R&D, encourage entrepreneurs in high-tech start-up companies, leverage available scientific and technological labour force, facilitate the academic industrial interface for the transfer scientific know-how and technology, and stimulate cooperation in R&D at national and international levels.

The growth of a seed/venture capital industry requires the existence of a dynamic entrepreneurship ecosystem and a continuous financing chain to avoid the emergence of an equity gap. A good supply of entrepreneurs and capital alone are not enough to bring a region to the threshold of high-growth, technologically-oriented, entrepreneurially-driven prosperity. A culture of entrepreneurship must also be established to provide the supportive environment in which entrepreneurship can be nurtured.

Azione will continuously engage with players along the capital continuum, including investors and administrators to develop this culture through technology incubation. Azione will also engage with angel and venture investors located outside the region to help build the region’s profile as a hotbed of entrepreneurship. The long term goal is to convert a competitive landscape into a collaborative one.