VC Alliances

Companies sometimes lack internal processes to address non-core innovation opportunities which require technical and commercial development before they can stand as independent companies. Azione helps them cultivate alliances with venture capital firms which develop successful start-ups that return strategic, technological, and financial benefits.

Pre-Alliance Formation

Azione helps companies establish:

  • Senior management commitment on time and resources
  • An initial programme to match start-ups with business units as commercial partners, technology suppliers, or acquisition targets

Selection of VC Alliances

Azione works with companies to:

  • Set their specific roles as limited partners to potential VC partners
  • Interview VC firms and identify those which will best accomplish objectives
  • Establish the value that the company and the VC firms will derive from the relationship

Azione places a high emphasis on the ability of companies to foster an open exchange of information between their management and the VC firms. We help assess the interaction and insights through the preliminary meetings and the backgrounds of the General Partners. We also help companies to review the VC portfolios and the relevance of their experience for the company’s research areas.

There are three strategies to adopt.

Discovery: Companies make minimal capital commitments and mitigate high volatility by sharing their investments with other VC partners. With this approach, companies can cast a wide net and keep an eye on new developments.

Leveraging: Companies consider direct investments in start-ups that will allow value creation. By aligning interests through these investments, companies begin to create more reciprocal relationships and lessen any cultural conflict between their companies and the portfolio investments.

Integration: Companies integrate start-ups and their management teams into their organisations. The acquiring company exercises M&A discretion to absorb new start-ups while insulating the process from bureaucracy. These start-ups will eventually become fully operational within the companies.