Executive Search

With a robust venture capital market driving increased activity at the portfolio level and a push to expand the investment teams of active corporate CVC units, access to top CVC talent is a business-critical priority for CVC units and their parent companies.

To help meet those needs, Azione has developed a unique approach of working with clients that extends beyond traditional executive search:

  • We emphasise insightful market intelligence
  • We only recommend candidates who we believe in
  • We evaluate our success by the success of our clients

Our team brings together potential CVC executives who understand the demands of technology commercialisation and the successful ramping of start-up companies. We move quickly and intently through a search process resulting in the most appropriate hires for our clients.

CVC Compensation

Azione advises companies when deciding on the compensation structures of CVC units. Awarding significant incentives to a handful of employees may run contrary to the company’s culture, yet the failure to incentivise success may distract the unit from fulfilling its strategic potential.

Gaining the benefits of CVC investments requires the CVC personnel to be in close collaboration with other employees, especially the R&D and business personnel. Amidst the challenge of delivering on corporate goals, companies need to consider pay equality and avoid resentment from these employees in other business units.

Also, companies aim to pay salaries to avoid their CVC executives taking too much risk. In big corporations, the tolerance for failure is often low. The executives manage their investments’ risk profile and tend to invest in more mature and potentially less risky ventures.

Interim Management

By combining our deep understanding of the venture capital world with distinct expertise in specific industries and functions, Azione can also step in with interim management and provide a broad range of complementary services.