Portfolio Management

The closing of the investment marks the beginning of years of effort with the management to grow the portfolio company. A major part of this effort is to continually and closely monitor the progress of the company.

Azione works with our clients to develop a hands-on approach and to use their operational expertise and connections to help their companies to set their strategies, hire key employees, optimise business development opportunities, raise additional capital, and navigate business challenges.

There are a number of ways that clients can provide their expertise:

Team Building

Azione partners our clients in developing human resource systems to source and place talent into their companies. We guide the evaluation of management teams and the effective recruitment and rigorous interviewing of prospective new hires.

VC Networks

Azione works with our clients to develop extensive contacts within their respective industry segments. VCs leverage these contacts for a number of purposes, including negotiating transactions on behalf of their companies or sourcing exits. Companies can also leverage these contacts directly to assist in new business development, market intelligence, and sales support.

Crisis Management

Companies may experience times of crisis, from the loss of significant customers or key staff, a cash crunch, to a major research or development issue. We help our clients to prepare and utilise their own resources, in some cases acting as interim management, in order to safeguard their companies.

Exit Management

Azione works with our clients to effect introductions for their companies to other VC firms when looking for a lead investor for another round of financing and to commercial banks for debt financing. We also support them in the cultivation of strong relationships with investment banks so that they are highly active in the management of the exit process to realise the highest value for their companies.