Corporate Incubation

Corporate incubation develops strategic opportunities from initial concept through significant iteration to the point of launch or spin-out. One of the strengths of the corporate incubator is its close link to the parent company, particularly with corporate specialists such as patent lawyers, technology experts, and corporate customers.

Besides the initial setting-up the corporate incubator with the transfer of capital, space, and personnel, the incubator’s resources are enhanced by its access to the parent company’s resources. The incubator also benefits from other parent units, such as laboratories, legal, personnel, and market research.

Azione works with companies to set incubator goals, to attract and select the right ventures, and to structure the revenue model. We also assist in the incubation process where the incubator extends the networks of the ventures to potential customers, suppliers, and service contractors. Azione also helps develop exit criteria like milestones and follow-on processes.

We work with companies to apply one out of four models depending on their goals and risk profiles. Careful consideration is given to the risks and success factors that drive each model.


The Advisory-Centric model focuses on intensive short-term coaching and mentorship for start-ups with balanced teams or profound business ideas. They have rigorous selection processes and work with reputable mentors, and tend to generate a considerable number of start-ups at low levels of risk and financial investment.


The Management-Centric model requires interim managers and consultants to start-ups. It provides accelerated product development that can be steered by the company. Such incubators require high levels of management coaching and can provide an opportunity to foster organisational learning.


The Investment-Centric model couples corporate venture capital efforts with direct participation and involvement in start-up management. The model requires access to capital and management expertise, but can provide a high level of financial return.