Private Sector

Innovation, once the private interest of brilliant inventors, has become the domain of the corporation and well-equipped R&D professionals. Accordingly, the leading corporate innovators have come to generate more viable ideas than they can commercialise.

Azione partners companies by cultivating relevant R&D and attractive investment opportunities and building them into successful start-ups that bring strategic, technological, and financial benefits back to the company.

Our clients often lack internal processes to efficiently address innovation opportunities. These opportunities typically require more technical, commercial, and organisational development before they can stand on their own and raise institutional financing as independent companies.

Some clients might choose to develop corporate venture capital (CVC) units, and for them to be successful, the parent company must commit not only capital but other sufficient resources to the CVC unit in order to add value to the invested companies.

A CVC unit provides our clients with a potential gateway into technologies emerging from start-ups. It becomes an effective innovation support mechanism that helps clients better respond to technology and market changes.

In particular, Azione works with CVC units that are operating in Asia to manage their investments and to mitigate the region’s lack of experienced management personnel required to direct high stakes ventures. Units partner with their portfolio companies and collaborate with the parent company’s top executives to accelerate the commercialisation processes.

As the investments develop and mature, Azione’s clients proactively identify opportunities for roll-ups or consolidations and ultimately profitable realisations of investments. In this regard, our clients develop the necessary experience and expertise to source and execute exit transactions.

Our guiding philosophy is to support senior managers, making the skills and resources of our team available as and when necessary. Our clients also leverage on our network of corporate partners and portfolio companies, leading to new collaboration opportunities.