Interview by ZDNet “Asian security startups not attractive to investors”

Executive Director of Azione Capital, Mr. Dennis Phua, was interviewed by ZDNet on his views on investors’ views toward Asian security startups.

“Asian security companies should also work closely with their national and state-level government organizations and corporations to ensure these are early adopters before selling to the open market, Dennis Phua, executive director of Azione Capital, advised.

At least one board member should be “personally connected” with these organizations, understand their requirements and strongly recommend the start-ups to them, the director of the Singapore-based venture capital said.

However, there are still exceptions within the region, and it will be important to keep an eye on the region for opportunities, according to Yoshikami.

He observed that IT security becoming a big issue and the need to protect data, especially as companies outsource information to the cloud, will be tremendous, he explained.

Agreeing, Lauria noted that a good example here in Asia is TenCube, a Singapore company which offered a service for people to track lost cell phones. It took off in the Philippines and Indonesia, went to the U.S. to raise funds and was eventually acquired by McAfee, he said.”

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